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Posted on September 12 2018

Hello Crypto Family!

Welcome to Kryptoez online store specialising in cryptocurrency themed socks. The reason why I decided to create socks in particular simply came from not being able to find a decent pair of DigiByte socks online. I asked a few members of the DigiByte community if they’d be interested in buying such socks and here we are! Available now are my three favourite cryptocurrencies, DigiByte, Monero and of course Bitcoin.


Socks are a great way of showing your support for specific coins in a subtle, but classy way. 

At the moment this is a store is a small startup, but I hope to turn it into something big. With my experience in design, I’ve created some really stylish crypto socks and hope to bring you many more in the near future.

As a strong believer in the future of blockchain and cryptocurrency, I’ve made sure that we accept different cryptocurrencies. So far we accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether, Doge, DigiByte, Monero and Bitcoin Cash. I hope this store inspires more retailers to start accepting crypto as a payment to pave the way of the future.

If you do decide to make a purchase and put some of these cool socks on your toez, then we’d love it if you left a review. Remember to sign up to our newsletter, follow our Twitter & Instagram so that you can be the first to know which new socks we’ll be launching. If you have any special requests for socks on what we should make next, we want to hear it. Drop us a comment and we'll take it into consideration.

Big love,





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