Kryptoez is a big believer in giving back to foundations that not only help to grow awareness of our favourite coins but also improve the technology behind them. This means anything from becoming more scalable to quicker transaction times.

Currently we have 3 sock types and have chosen the following foundations to partner with.

Bitcoin - The Bitcoin Foundation

Every pair of Bitcoin socks sold on, we'll donate 5% of our profits to this foundation. Each donation given enables this foundation to coordinate the efforts of the members of the community while raising awareness of the benefits of Bitcoin. This means growing the education around how to use Bitcoin. For more information check out their manifesto here

Digibyte - DigiByte Awareness Team

For every pair of Digibyte socks sold on, we'll donate 5% of our profits to the DGBAT (Digibyte Awareness Team). Their aim - Grow awareness of this amazing quick, secure, decentralised cryptoasset. Digibyte is community driven and funds were never raised through an ICO or private funding, this means all awareness is organic. You can read more about all their efforts and plans here.


For every pair of Monero socks sold on, we'll donate 5% of our profits to certain projects on the GETMONERO.ORG forum funding system. Here projects are proposed for development and are community-funded. Funding is held in escrow and given to developers once programming milestones have been achieved. 

Buy a few socks and help grow these amazing community led coins.