The Story of CZ’s DigiByte Socks

Posted on October 19 2018

The Story of CZ’s DigiByte Socks

During the week of the Binance/ DigiByte conflict I was scrolling through the DigiByte telegram group and I saw a customer of ours saying he just purchased a few pairs of our DigiByte socks and how he thought it would be funny if someone would send one to Changpeng (CZ), the CEO of Binance. So that’s just what I did, and if you haven’t already seen the video you can watch it here.


Shortly after the video had been uploaded, Jared Tate from DigiByte and the official DigiByteCoin Twitter handle retweeted it. The comments were flooding in and everyone seemed to love the gesture. Here are a few of my favorites:



While others took it a little more seriously.


I then had another customer DM me on Twitter saying that we should run some sort of campaign gifting more DigiByte socks to CZ and the Binance team. This is where the Buy One, Binance One Program was born. For every pair of DigiByte socks purchased that weekend, we’d send a single sock out to CZ & the team at Binance.



Before launching it, I wanted to see if people would like it so of course it went to a Twitter Poll. The votes where in. 571 people were kind enough to vote and it was a clear win! 76% voted to do it, 24% said not to (they probably weren’t sure how CZ would take it and that we might have 0 chance of ever being listed on Binance).


The following day I made this quick video up and put it online:

This morning CZ replied to my original video in a humorous manner. I’m still not sure he has seen the Buy One Binance One video yet, I hope so because more socks are on their way out to him and the team.


That weekend 14 DigiByte socks were sold under the program so that meant 7 pairs (14 singles) would be sent out to CZ and the Binance team. And here they are:


I also included a nice letter for CZ to try and clear the air of the feud.


Credit to CZ, he took the joke well and who knows, could this help finally get that DigiByte listing we all want? After all CZ’s made it pretty clear that Binance no longer expects listing fees.




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